DSI Tempest Sound Randomizer

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Set Complexity Level

Hit randomize or R on the keyboard




What is this?

This is the DSI Tempest Sound Randomizer.
It generates random sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments (aka Sequential) - Tempest Drum Machine.

How does it work?

Sounds in Tempest have more than 150 parameters (such as OSC1 Tune, LFO2 Speed, MODULATION1 Amount and so on…). All these parameters can be randomized, then converted to a special and compressed (and amazingly complicated ) SYSEX file and send over to the Tempest Drum Machine as a so called „RAM Sound“.

You don’t know what a RAM sound is -> RTFM.

How to use?

Connect your hosting device with Tempest via USB or MIDI cable.


Required system settings:
System: MIDI System Exclusive -> 1. MIDI: Sysex IN+OUT Cable -> Source: USB or MIDI

Make sure that you are in„16 Sounds Mode“ or in „16 Tunings Mode“.


This app requires a Chrome based browser.
Allow MIDI devices if asked.

DSI Tempest Sound Randomizer

Choose your MIDI connection in the dropdown menu.
Set the Complexity Level Slider for the level of randomization.
Each time you hit „randomize“ a set of parameters is send to your Tempest.

Don’t forget to save the sounds you like!

Have fun with it!
Cheers, Konstantin